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“Becastled” is a city-building strategy game developed and published by Mana Potion Studios. The game’s story is about a group of settlers who establish a new settlement in a medieval fantasy world. The settlers have to defend themselves against enemy attacks while building and expanding their town.

The game is a blend of tower defense and city-building genres. It is played in a top-down perspective, where the player has to build and manage the resources of the settlement. The player also has to defend the settlement against enemy attacks, which come in waves.

The game has various modes such as campaign mode, survival mode, and sandbox mode. In the campaign mode, the player has to complete various missions to progress through the game’s story. In survival mode, the player has to survive as long as possible against enemy attacks. In sandbox mode, the player has unlimited resources and can build and experiment with the settlement.

The game was released on 8th October 2021 and is available on Microsoft Windows. The game engine used in the development of the game is Unity.

There are no cheat codes available for Becastled. The gameplay of the game is challenging and engaging. Players need to balance the needs of the settlers with the defense of the settlement against enemy attacks. The graphics and sound of the game are well-done, creating a unique medieval atmosphere.

The game has received positive reviews from gamers, who praise the game’s graphics, gameplay, and overall fun factor. It is suitable for children as it does not contain any explicit content.

In terms of items, furniture, and characters, the game features various buildings such as farms, barracks, and walls. The settlers themselves are the primary characters of the game, and players can customize their appearance. Overall, Becastled is an excellent game for players who enjoy city-building and tower defense games, with its unique medieval setting and engaging gameplay.

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