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AI*Shoujo/AI is a simulation game developed and published by Illusion. The game is a life-simulation game that lets the player create and customize a female character, and interact with other characters on a deserted island. The game features various customization options for the character, including hairstyles, clothing, and facial features, as well as options for the island, such as its location and climate.

The game was released in Japan in June 2019 and later in other parts of the world in March 2020. It is available on Windows PC.

The game has no official cheat codes, but some players have found ways to modify the game files to change certain aspects of the game.

The gameplay involves managing the character’s daily life on the island, including eating, sleeping, and interacting with other characters. The player can build and customize their own house, farm crops, fish, and explore the island to find new resources.

The game has received mixed reviews from gamers, with some praising its customization options and overall gameplay, while others criticize the game’s lack of depth and poor translation in some areas.

AI*Shoujo/AI uses Illusion’s proprietary engine, which has been used in other Illusion games like Honey Select and Koikatsu Party.

The game is not suitable for children, as it contains sexual content and mature themes. The game features a wide variety of items and furniture, including clothing, accessories, and building materials. The characters in the game are also highly customizable, with various facial features and body types available.

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