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LoveChoice is a visual novel game developed and published by indie game studio – iMaginationOverflow.

The game follows the story of a high school student who has to navigate through different romantic relationships while dealing with his own emotional baggage. The game features multiple story paths and endings, which are influenced by the player’s choices and decisions.

LoveChoice is a single-player game that is available for download on various platforms such as Steam, itch.io, and Google Play. The game was first released on August 29, 2019, for PC and mobile devices.

There are no cheat codes available for LoveChoice. The gameplay involves making choices and interacting with various characters in the game. The game engine used is Unity.

The game has received positive reviews from gamers and critics, with praise for its unique storytelling, character development, and emotional depth.

As for its suitability for children, LoveChoice is rated Teen (13+) due to its mature themes and suggestive content. The game features mild nudity and sexual innuendo, and deals with topics such as depression and anxiety. Parents should use discretion and consider their child’s age and maturity level before allowing them to play.

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